WISH: DC internships, housing, & general career advice/info

10 Jul

If you’re interested in interning in the DC area, or even if you’re not, here’s an organization that you might find useful. WISH is “officially” an organization that provides housing for interns in DC (WISH stands for Washington Intern Student Housing), but their blog, the Wishington Post, has great info about internships, job-hunting, and networking. (I found their writeup of the “5 Worst Companies to Work For”–which are not just DC-area companies–quite eye-opening.) 

The blog also posts internship openings. I believe they have a Facebook page and Twitter feed as well, so there are a variety of ways to keep updated if you’re looking to intern or apply for jobs in DC, especially in the political sector, nonprofits/NGOs, and journalism.

As for WISH itself, it looks like a great way to find a community of fellow interns, which not only gives you a way to make friends in DC, but also provides great networking opportunities. They also have a speaker series introducing you to different job fields, job-hunting strategies, and internship-related issues. And they also have a variety of social events in DC. It’s a bit pricey, but less than Loyola tuition 🙂

WISH site: http://internsdc.com
Wishington Post: http://internsdc.com/blog


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