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Thinking about law school? Check out this flowchart.

10 Oct

I found this flowchart both eye-opening and clarifying. It is complicated, but worth reading every path if you are thinking about going to law school for any reason: money, prestige, desire to effect social change, stability, or simply, because you aren’t really sure what you want to do after you graduate.

I ran across this while reading a piece in Vitae, a higher-education career site, written by a recent college grad who considered going to law school because he wanted to pursue social change. Although he got in to several top law programs, he decided not to go. You can read about his decision-making process, which includes many useful links for those facing the same decision, here.


Why law schools want English majors

15 Mar

Why law schools want English majors

Here’s an article from Wednesday’s Chronicle of Higher Education quoting law professors lamenting what they are seeing more and more in law school: test-driven students unable to write–or think–their way out of a paper bag. Take heart, EN majors: these are the skills you are honing. Not to mention, the skill of being able to read and process hundreds of pages at a sitting :-). –JLC

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