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Writers–like you– could help make AI more human

10 Apr

Article from the April 7 Washington Post shows how poets and novelists are bringing their ability to write natural-sounding language, develop characters, and empathize and communicate with audience to help give personality to AI “bots” like Siri and Alexa. Pretty cool. It could be fun to come up with lines like these for a living, no?

If you ask Cortana if she is human, she says no, and then she adds a meant-to-be endearing joke: “But I have the deepest respect for humans. You invented calculus — and milkshakes.”

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Summer 2016 internship available at ABET

4 Apr

abetIf you are interested in pursuing a career in higher education administration, this would be a great opportunity. ABET is an organization that provides accreditation for STEM and engineering programs all over the world. They are looking for someone to work in their marketing and communications department; they have HIRED their interns in the past, and have had successful interns from English, Writing, and Philosophy. No STEM experience/aptitude necessary.

ABET is looking for a summer intern—both rising seniors and recent graduates are welcome to apply. Please see Dr. Cole if you are interested in this opportunity.

Internship: Marketing and Communications Internship at the Baltimore Museum of Art

9 Mar

The Marketing & Communications Department at the Baltimore Museum of Art is seeking a Summer Intern to assist with upcoming projects. This intern will work on marketing materials for Artscape and other events. Other office duties such as data entry, copy writing, and advertisement coordination may be assigned as needed.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Data entry
Assist with evening and/or weekend events when needed
Copy writing
Project research
Skill Set Required


Creative Writing
Computer literacy (Microsoft Office Suite, Windows based programs)
Good communications/phone skills
Preferred Areas of Study/Major(s)
English, Marketing, Communications, Public Relations
Internship Location
Baltimore, MD
Semester: Summer (Jun – Aug)
Year: 2016
Hours per week: 1-10 hours
Workdays: Monday-Friday
Pay: No
Application Requirements:
Application Deadline: April 24, 2016
Required Documentation: Resume, Cover Letter, Other – Letter of Recommendation
Application InstructionsSummer Internship Program – 2016

The BMA offers Internships to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as recent graduates. These positions provide the opportunity for Interns to contribute to various Museum projects and activities while learning how a major institution functions on a day-to-day basis. Interns will be guided by their supervisor who will act as a mentor and teach them about their department’s function within the Museum.


Candidates must fulfill one of the following criteria:

Undergraduate student
Graduate student
Recent graduate from an accredited program

Most positions will meet 1-2 days a week*
Selected candidates will be expected to start in June of 2016
* This time is subject to change depending on the unique schedule that will be created with each selected candidate.

Application Requirements

Cover Letter/Statement of Interest
Current Resume (that includes contact information)
Academic Transcript (unofficial is acceptable)
Letter of reference from a professor, academic advisor, or supervisor (only 1 letter will be accepted)
Application Deadline

All materials must be submitted by Sunday, April 24th, 2016.

Notification of Decision

All selected candidates will receive an e-mail detailing that they have been chosen for a Summer Internship no later than May 31st, 2016.

Sending Applications/Letters of Reference

All of your materials may be sent via the following options:

Through the post:
ATTN: Rachel Sanchez

RE: Internship Application

The Baltimore Museum of Art

10 Art Museum Dr

Baltimore, MD 21218

* Preferred method of application submission.

No phone calls please.

* Unless otherwise noted, BMA internships are typically unpaid.

The Joshua Johnson Council Internships

The Museum does offer two paid positions aimed at increasing participation of minority groups who are underrepresented in the fields of museum programming and administration. If you are interested in applying for a JJC Stipend, please indicate this clearly in your cover letter/letter of intent. The two candidates selected to receive a JJC stipend ($1,000/ each) will be notified.

Q: May I apply for more than one open Internship opportunity?

A: Yes, you may apply for up to two open positions. Please reference them in your Cover Letter/Letter of Intent.

Q: What should I include in my Cover Letter/Letter of Intent?

A: Please include the position(s) for which you are applying and why you are interested in that department(s). Indicate any experience you may have and how the position(s) you are interested in will highlight your skills and help you learn more about the field. If you are applying for a Joshua Johnson Council stipend, please be sure to include this in your Letter.

Any additional questions may be sent to

Tote Magazine is looking for writers

19 Jan

Just received—spread the word:

My name is Shelby Newsome and I’m the founder and editor-in-chief of Tote Magazine, an online lifestyle magazine and website for college women. Most of our team is based out of Maryland.

We are currently looking to expand our network of contributing writers. I wanted to see if you would be able to pass this information along to your students?

Our contributors generally write at least once a week. This is great for young writers looking to be published online to build up their portfolios!

If you have any interested students you can have them contact Katie Lemon, our managing editor, at and submit three writing samples.

They can check our website out here and our magazine here.

Shelby Newsome
Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Tote Magazine
P: (240)-626-7891
Follow us on Twitter and Instagram

EN majors get jobs, make money (just like everyone else)

8 Nov

In “Surprise: Humanities Degrees Provide Great Return on Investment,” University of Georgia economics professor Jeffrey Dorfman calculates the value of a bachelor’s degree over a high school diploma. (Note that the numbers below calculate the average early career salary OVER the salary earned by a high school grad, not the total yearly salary. The lifetime earnings listed below are calculated over a 45-year-long career.)

Read ’em and rejoice:

Major Early Career Salary Mid Career Salary Lifetime Earnings Gain
Art $36,100 $57,100 $315,500
Drama $35,600 $56,300 $302,400
English $38,700 $65,200 $444,700
French $40,900 $66,700 $470,900
History $39,700 $71,000 $537,800
Philosophy $41,700 $78,300 $658,900

Dorfman concedes that those who work in some STEM fields may make more money, especially straight out of college, but argues that that doesn’t mean that humanities degrees are economically imprudent or inadvisable, as seems to be the common perception these days. The article appeared in Forbes Magazine about a year ago, but it’s still worth reading.

(Our question: with these numbers, why isn’t everyone majoring in philosophy?)

Read the entire article

Job: Write for Shmoop!

21 Sep
Got this email today– contact Rachel Reynolds at Shmoop if you’re interested in applying.
Dear Dr. Cole,

I’m an editor for Shmoop University, Inc. (, a digital publishing company that aims to make learning fun. Here’s why I’m reaching out to you:

We’ve just launched college profiles ( that provide prospective students with all they need to know to choose the right school for them, from the average SAT scores of accepted students to the hottest hangout spots on campus.

We are huge fans of Loyola University Maryland, and we want to make sure your school appears on our site!

We’re also always looking for talented writers and editors to join Shmoop’s at-large team.

If you know of any students who may be interested in a paid writing opportunity, please forward on this email. Go ahead, distribute it widely. This isn’t some random Yahoo spam; we will offer anyone interested competitive pay for writing a short college profile for Loyola University Maryland like what we have on site. If that first assignment goes well, we may offer the writer further writing or editing assignments.

You can feel free to contact me, or my supervisor, Jonathan Leventhal (, with any questions. We’d be happy to receive specific recommendations of funny, talented writers for this opportunity as well.

Thinking grad school? New data on enrollments

17 Sep

The Chronicle of Higher Ed on declining enrollment in humanities Ph.D. programs. Interestingly, the number of Ph.D. students overall has increased by 1.9% between 2009-2014. Aside from humanities, the other field experiencing a significant decline in the number of Ph.D.s is a field also important to EN grads: education.

Read on:

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