Intern or Work to Save the Chesapeake

12 Jun

Hello MEW Followers,

I just received the notice below from the Canvas Director of Environment Maryland:

Prof. Forni

Summer Jobs for the Environment! 

Environment Maryland is hiring students to work on our campaigns this summer in College Park. We’re looking for folks that are hardworking, good communicators and committed to making positive change.

This summer our top campaign is protecting the Chesapeake Bay!

It’s hard to imagine life in Maryland without the Bay– whether it’s visiting the National Harbor, eating crabs and oysters, or taking a trip to the Eastern Shore, Maryland depends on the Bay.

Unfortunately, reckless development and other polluting industries are threatening the Bay, washing pollution and bacteria into nearby streams and marshes. In fact, over 3 million pounds of toxic waste are dumped into the Chesapeake and its connecting waterways each year. That’s why Environment Maryland is working to convince the EPA to fix the Clean Water Act— by closing loopholes that are leaving our streams and the Chesapeake at risk.

AND to win this campaign we are hiring students in Maryland to get out into communities, and build support for this issue. Over the course of the summer you can expect to make between $4,000-$6,000 and make $9-$15/HR. It’s a great way to build your resume, like an internship, but you get paid.
To sign up to learn more click here or call us at 301-403-0024.

Learn more about our campaigns at


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