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21 Apr

Last month, I posted a profile of the Baltimore Collegetown Network’s Internships page. This month, I wanted to provide a fuller description of one of the other sites listed on Making English Work’s Resources page:

This is a great site to check out if you are not from the Baltimore area and looking for internships for the summer. Because they highlight nonprofit and social justice-oriented organizations and businesses, the positions are well suited for people like you. They also do a great job of vetting their postings so that you don’t have to wade through the numerous “false positives” and internships-in-name-only-but-really-just-free-menial-labor postings that makes sites like Intern Match more heinous than helpful.

Just as an example for what you might find at, here are the number of hits for the Boston Metro area using the following keywords:

  • writing: 92
  • advocacy: 38
  • sustainability: 70
  • global: 103
  • editorial: 3
  • journalism: 11
  • communications: 197

Note: KEYWORDS MATTER! As you can see, if number of hits is your goal, “communications” is a good place to start (not “English major” or “literature”– or even “editing,” sadly). Many communications positions require strong writing and editing skills, so if you want to go into a writing or editing career, an internship in communications is a good place to start.

Happy hunting! –JLC


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