Resource profile: Baltimore Collegetown Network Internships page

18 Mar

We are in the “high season” for summer internship postings and applications, and for those of you looking for an internship, I just wanted to remind you of the Resources page on this blog. One valuable resource on this page is the Baltimore Collegetown Network, which has a regularly updated list of internships and often has a surprising number of internships that are open to EN and other humanities majors. Here are some of the positions listed just in the past week: Gallery Intern, Social Media and Marketing, advocacy position at World Relief, internship in Marketing, Management, and HR, summer reading program coordinator, festival/events intern … you get the idea. All of these are available to EN majors, though some require specific skills that you may or may not have. Remember that majoring in English qualifies you to do almost anything!

All of these positions will be in the Baltimore area, but if you’re going to be around this summer–or are looking for an internship for the fall– you should definitely take a look!

If you are going to be in a different part of the country, the Resources page has several other databases that list internships and jobs around the country– or around the world. is a good one if you are looking for a job at a nonprofit or if you are interested in social justice issues. The U.S. Government summer jobs list is a good place to look for summer positions, as well.

What resources have you found useful for finding internship/job postings? Send us a comment and we’ll add new resources to our list! –JLC


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