Journalism internship opportunity at Baltimore

13 Jan
Recent alum Andrew Zaleski is looking for an intern to work with him at Baltimore, an online tech/community magazine/website ( You would need to devote one day per week to the internship; it is unpaid. Contact him at if you are interested. It is probably too late to set this internship up to be taken for credit, but if you’re looking for something to do this semester and are interested in either tech issues or community-building, this looks like a great opportunity.
Here is additional info about the internship from Andrew:
  • Basically: they’d be working one day a week with me at Baltimore, doing coverage of the local tech scene. (It’s not all startup news stuff; they’d be going to events, doing phone calls on civic tech — which might mean talking to the city — plus other tasks.)
  • Ideally, they could commit to working between 2 and 6 hours with me one day a week, plus some additional time of 4 hours another day a week where they could work remotely and/or be sent out on assignments that I’d give them. 
  • They can also expect to work remotely with Chris Wink, the editor of Baltimore (and the cofounder of Media, which runs sister sites in Philly and Brooklyn). That isn’t in addition to the above hours, but Chris will be the one editing any stories they write for us.
  • The length of the internship: ASAP (or beginning of February) through the end of April (or just before their finals week kicks in). They need not have journalism experience prior to this, although it would certainly help. 
  • On Baltimore, we cover, generally, how technology is changing Baltimore city. This means what tech startups are doing, but it also means covering the city subpoenaing ridesharing startups, tablet usage in schools in poorer neighborhoods, and couples that build their own drones and take photos. (Our 2013 wrap-up gives a good overview of what we cover.)
  • Regarding the one day they’d be working with me: We’d be working at the Betamore incubator in Federal Hill, which is directly across the street from Cross Street Market. We couldn’t compensate them for parking fees if they’re compelled to drive, but there is a Charm City Circulator stop right at Cross Street Market, and they can pick up the Circulator at Penn Station.

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