Inspiring stories from alums

23 Oct
It was great to see so many of you on Monday night (10/21/13) for our alumni jobs panel. The panelists, all English majors graduating from Loyola between 2001-2012, described their own fortuitous, circuitous, and at times, momentous paths to employment. Working in fields from public relations to teaching to urban planning to politics, the panelists all agreed that majoring in English gave them what they needed to find success– even, as one panelist put it, “happiness.”
For those of you who missed it, one of the panelists, Anna Idler (’12), who works in public relations for Bravo Group in Philly, posted about it to her company blog. Here’s a link:
As she says,
“The goal of the event was to highlight not merely what college graduates in the humanities do with our English majors, but really, what having an English major did for us as we navigated the working world.”
Her post includes some great tips about how to take your EN skills into the world of jobs and careers, so be sure to check it out! 

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