Is the grass greener on the STEM side of the fence?

3 Sep

Here’s an interesting article from the IEEE, professional organization for technology fields:

The article is long, but lays out usefully for people in tech fields and the humanities alike some of the myths generated about the job market … and emphasizes the value of a well-rounded education for ALL fields. 

Here’s a quote from near the end of the article:

Emphasizing STEM at the expense of other disciplines carries other risks. Without a good grounding in the arts, literature, and history, STEM students narrow their worldview—and their career options. In a 2011 op-ed in The Wall Street Journal, Norman Augustine, former chairman and CEO of Lockheed Martin, argued that point. “In my position as CEO of a firm employing over 80 000 engineers, I can testify that most were excellent engineers,” he wrote. “But the factor that most distinguished those who advanced in the organization was the ability to think broadly and read and write clearly.”

Take that “Math, Numbers, and the Real World” course seriously, folks! Along with your course on Milton 🙂


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