What do employers want? See below.

18 Jun

Here’s an article from the Chronicle of Higher Ed that says that academics (that is, your profs) have no idea what employers really want. Contains useful links to surveys of employers. Note the skills they say they want– problem-solving, written & oral skills, critical thinking & analysis– these are skills to emphasize in your cover letters for internships and jobs, and skills you are developing as EN majors.

Here are 3 findings from one of the surveys, where employers reported:

  • College graduates were most lacking in “written and oral communication skills, adaptability and managing multiple priorities, and making decisions and problem-solving.”
  • “Only 19 percent of employers look for specific majors and do not consider candidates without them, while the majority—78 percent—will consider any major.”
  • “Executives are least interested in considering candidates with specific majors (14 percent).”

So EN majors are good, right? Read the whole article



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