So here’s the r…

17 Apr

So here’s the rub: if I’m a college student struggling to cover the costs of tuition without significant financial support from my parents, then how do I justify an unpaid internship over a paying job on-campus or at my local Starbucks? Often, students in this position take the job that pays. The student from a middle or upper class family with the means to fully support the outrageous cost of their higher education, on the other hand, will often take the unpaid internship with the often false promise of turning into full-time employment. So in a nation that prides itself on promoting equality of opportunity, one of the most effectively perceived paths for building a successful career is shut off to students without the resources to work for free.

One of our interns, Emily Barbo, sent me a link to a really interesting article from InternMatch.com about the ethics of unpaid internships. The whole article– and the comments– should be required reading for anyone thinking about doing an unpaid internship.


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