Internships at City Paper

4 Oct

Jenn Ladd ’11, who’s now at City Paper, is looking for interns. She’ll also be at our alumni panel next Wednesday (10/10) at 6:30, if you’d like to chat her up. Here’s a description of the position and requirements:


The spring semester internship runs between January and May, and students can apply by sending me (<>) a brief cover letter, your resume, and 2-3 writing samples (preferably published work; no poetry, please). The internship must be for credit and we have a 120-hour minimum policy. Interns usually work 10 hours a week (two five-hour days).

Our interns check the facts in all of City Paper’s articles and listings, so everything from the compilation of shows and concerts in town to features covering Baltimore’s drug and crime scene. Interns also maintain the City Paper online calendar (and ultimately, it’s published weekly calendar), which familiarizes them with goings on in Baltimore. Finally, there are various writing opportunities available.

If you’re interested in doing this internship, check with me (Dr. Cole) also to make sure you are good to take the internship for credit. –JLC


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