Liberal Arts Grads and Tech Business — Forbes article

30 Jul

That ‘Useless’ Liberal Arts Degree Has Become Tech’s Hottest Ticket.”

A great new article in Forbes business magazine on what degrees like English equip grads to do.

Here’s a teaser:

“Studying philosophy taught me two things,” says Butterfield, sitting in his office in San Francisco’s South of Market district, a neighborhood almost entirely dedicated to the cult of coding. “I learned how to write really clearly. I learned how to follow an argument all the way down, which is invaluable in running meetings. And when I studied the history of science, I learned about the ways that everyone believes something is true–like the old notion of some kind of ether in the air propagating gravitational forces–until they realized that it wasn’t true.”

So, get to reading, thinking, and discovering. Who knows where it’ll lead you!

— Dr. Norman

EN and IT (that’s Information technology, not Italian)! Yes!

30 Jul

This article from The Chronicle of Higher Ed is directed at people with Ph.Ds in the humanities, but is equally applicable to undergraduate humanities majors. An EN degree is applicable to a wide range of fields– even information technology. How? Here’s one reason offered by the author, who got his BA in English and then worked in tech for nearly a decade:

My love of literature meant I adapted well to the language-driven task of computer programming.

The article describes careers in IT particularly suitable for humanities majors: business analyst, technical communicator, and user-experience designer. Worth checking out!

IT: The Accidental Career for Ph.D.s

Teaching internships at Friends School

29 Jul
If you are a junior and senior thinking about teaching as a possible career, Friends School in Baltimore is looking for interns to work in both middle school and upper school this coming school year.
This is a great opportunity to work with a group of innovative faculty teaching interesting material to motivated students. You’d need to be able to be at the school for at least 10 hours per week, primarily in the morning (9am-11:30 am for middle school, 9am-1pm for upper school). Interns will also need to register for EN098 Teaching Internship in Private Schools.
If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Dr. Cole. Interns will need to complete paperwork and fingerprinting by the drop/add deadline.

Communications intern for Wes Moore’s Omari Productions

27 Jul

Here’s a great opportunity for EN majors interested in media production and social justice: an internship at Omari Productions. Omari was founded by Wes Moore, author of the bestselling The Other Wes Moore, which compares the lives of two Wes Moores who grew up within a block of one another in Baltimore– one, the author, a Rhodes scholar and successful entrepreneur; the other, a drug dealer serving a life sentence in prison following a murder conviction. Omari is looking for a communications intern who can handle administrative tasks, research and compile briefs, coordinate events, and develop social media presence. All perfect tasks for English majors.

Here’s an article about Omari and Moore’s plans for revitalizing East Baltimore.

And here’s a link to information about the internship, including job requirements, hours, and application information. They are looking for someone who can work 20-25 hours per week, unpaid.

If you’d like to do this internship for credit, please contact Dr. Cole. Thanks to the Career Center for alerting us to this internship opportunity!

Fall 2015 Public Relations and Creative Internship at IMRE (Baltimore)

24 Jul

Public Relations Intern – Baltimore Office – Fall 2015

We are seeking motivated college students with excellent written and oral communication skills for unpaid Fall internships. Ideal candidates will be in their junior/senior years majoring in Communications/Public Relations, Journalism, English, Psychology or Political Science.

IMRE’s program will introduce students to the business of public relations and marketing communications and offer them an opportunity to be involved in daily account activities. Interns are assigned to account teams and will work with supervisors on projects such as creating press lists, drafting media advisories, pitch letters, and releases, pitching targeted media, preparing media clips, and assisting with creative projects, such as direct mail and collateral pieces. Interns will gain experience in media relations, event planning, market research and analysis, community relations, brand strategy and marketing communications.

Please use this link to apply:

Application Requirements

1. College Junior or Senior
2. Resume and Cover Letter
3. Time commitment of at least 15 hours per week, so that students have the chance to get involved with in-depth account work.
4. Two Writing Samples

The importance of writing, reading, and writers in STEM fields

24 Jul

“I always like candidates who have combo background of STEM and humanities,” Greer said. “Extensive reading (fiction or nonfiction) helps build the type of imaginative empathy that allows you to see things from different points of view, to understand how someone else might react to things. And that helps in everything from navigating political waters to product design.” –

See more at:

Intern or Work to Save the Chesapeake

12 Jun

Hello MEW Followers,

I just received the notice below from the Canvas Director of Environment Maryland:

Prof. Forni

Summer Jobs for the Environment! 

Environment Maryland is hiring students to work on our campaigns this summer in College Park. We’re looking for folks that are hardworking, good communicators and committed to making positive change.

This summer our top campaign is protecting the Chesapeake Bay!

It’s hard to imagine life in Maryland without the Bay– whether it’s visiting the National Harbor, eating crabs and oysters, or taking a trip to the Eastern Shore, Maryland depends on the Bay.

Unfortunately, reckless development and other polluting industries are threatening the Bay, washing pollution and bacteria into nearby streams and marshes. In fact, over 3 million pounds of toxic waste are dumped into the Chesapeake and its connecting waterways each year. That’s why Environment Maryland is working to convince the EPA to fix the Clean Water Act— by closing loopholes that are leaving our streams and the Chesapeake at risk.

AND to win this campaign we are hiring students in Maryland to get out into communities, and build support for this issue. Over the course of the summer you can expect to make between $4,000-$6,000 and make $9-$15/HR. It’s a great way to build your resume, like an internship, but you get paid.
To sign up to learn more click here or call us at 301-403-0024.

Learn more about our campaigns at


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