Alums at work: Systems4Health, Boca Raton, FL

4 May

Encouraging words from a new graduate– and English major:

I will be working for a new medical firm (Systems4Health) based in Boca Raton, FL doing a mixture of product development, promotional strategy, content marketing, social media and copy writing.

I initially landed the job because of my writing/editing skills. On my third round of the interviewing process, although rather bold, I decided to re-write some of the pre-existing copy that they had up on their website, which they luckily ended up accepting and eventually used to replace their previous copy. Additionally, in my last round of the interview process, they gave me an assignment that asked me to conduct a pseudo-SWAT analysis, which is just a form of marketing analysis used to assess the position of your own brand within the market as well as where your brand stands in comparison to its competitors (brands/products). Completing this assignment was a breeze because, although it required me to do a lot of research, I approached it the same way I would a research or term paper for an English class. I was able to read through tons of medical journals and studies to compile and analyze data and did so under strict time constraints and presented my findings in a “highly organized and articulate” fashion–all skills I learned as an English major!!!

Being an English major in the business/medical world is seriously the most amazing thing ever. I get to “sit in” on ALL upper-level management meetings and weigh in on all business decisions regarding the company– especially when there are “words” involved! I even have ex-CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, accomplished marketing professionals, and world-class surgeons sending me documents to proof-read/edit and texting me with questions like “is it ‘who’ or ‘whom'”, and “what’s an appropriate synonym for the word ‘natural'”?–just to name a few!

I could go on forever, but I could not be happier with my decision and with my degree!!

–If you were a Loyola English major and would like to tell us about your job or your career, please send to Dr. Cole at to be posted in a future installment of Alums at Work.

Do an internship for credit this summer!

16 Apr

Starting this summer, the English Department is offering EN 090, a 1-credit internship that will allow students to do summer internships that require college credit.

You may do the internship wherever you like– not just in the Baltimore area. The paperwork can be complicated, however, so be sure to start getting the forms and signatures you need 1-2 weeks before the drop/add deadline for summer session. You will not be allowed to add the course after the drop/add deadline.

For more information, check the course catalog or the English Department website’s Careers and Internships page. Questions? contact Dr. Cole or Dr. Forni.

Personal assistant: a ticket to glamour and possibly self-loathing

14 Apr

rs_1024x759-141204153408-1024.birdman-emma-stoneI’m not sure whether to recommend this or to tell you to run. Run screaming, as fast as you can. But this article from Dissent Magazine provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of the “personal assistant,” portrayed by Emma Stone recently in Birdman.

Read at your own risk!

Summer internships still available at City Paper!

8 Apr

Fresh from Twitter:

Still accepting applications for summer interns $1,000 stipend for editorial at .

In Defense of Lib Arts AND Employability

4 Apr

From the Huffington Post education blog, Tom Vander Ark explains how he chose to major in something “marketable”–engineering & finance– and reports that “it’s taken decades of remedial humanities to augment my job training.”

He clearly describes the pros and cons of majoring in something like English or choosing something more “marketable.” Worth reading.

Internships for EN majors at The Walters Art Museum

1 Apr

Even though the Walters is an art museum, they offer a variety of summer internships in areas that seek out English majors. See especially– Development Intern, Director’s Office, Institutional Giving/Grants. These would be great internships for anyone interested in doing work for non-profits, in event planning and fundraising, and in grantwriting (which can be applied to many fields, not just art museums).


You may take this internship for 1 credit during the summer by registering for EN 090. This is a course that requires special registration that must be completed by the drop/add deadline, so take care of the paperwork early!

If you have any questions, contact either Prof. Forni or Prof. Cole.


5 Mar


Rowman & Littlefield, a scholarly publisher in Lanham, MD, is currently accepting resumes for the summer 2015 semester from students interested in exploring a career in publishing with its Lexington Books, University Press of America (UPA), and/or University Press Copublishing Division (UPCD) imprints.

The responsibilities of those selected for this editorial internship will include a variety of tasks that will provide excellent exposure to the business of book publishing.

Tasks will include imprint-specific tasks as assigned, as well as:

  • Preparing and sending out contract packages
  • Communicating with authors as needed
  • Contacting scholars for book endorsements and peer review
  • Drafting marketing copy

The ideal candidate will have strong organizational, verbal, and written communication skills; proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite a plus.

Academic credit from an accredited institution of higher education must be available to all who apply for this unpaid opportunity. Student in all majors will be considered, but English, Communications, and Marketing students will be given preference. This internship offers a flexible schedule, but candidates must know their schedule (academic and otherwise) for the requisite semester when applying.

If you are interested in applying for this internship, please send a resume and cover letter to Michael Wiles via email or post using the below contact information:

Michael Wiles, c/o Human Resources

Rowman & Littlefield

4501 Forbes Blvd., Suite 200

Lanham, MD 20706

All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability or veteran status.


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