Internship panel and resume review, Tues. 4/8, 6-8pm

7 Apr
Come to the English Department’s spring internship panel and resume review!
The event will take place on Tuesday, April 8, 6-8pm, in the English Department Lounge. The event kicks off at 6pm with panel presentations by Baltimore-area employers looking for summer and fall interns and current student interns who will share their internship experiences. Panelists will discuss how to locate and secure an internship, how to make it successful, and how it fits into an education and career plan.
Panelists will be
  • Employers: Sue Lin Chong (The Annie E. Casey Foundation) 
  • Current Interns: Tom Flanagan (ABET intern), Molly Corry (UB/Event planning intern), Marianne Williams (Stone House Publishing; MD Wineries intern), and Courtney Cousins (City Paper intern, Christmas at Environment Ohio intern, and Enoch Pratt Library volunteer)
  • Dr. Jean Cole, internship coordinator: preliminary remarks and introductions
  • Dr. Sondra Guttman, for-credit internship mentor
In the second hour, at 7pm, we will begin an interactive resume review. Dr. Melissa Girard will present a few brief tips about resumes, and then we will organize small-group breakout sessions where students can have their own resumes reviewed by professionals in a variety of fields. Students should bring 3 printed copies of their resumes with them to take full advantage of this opportunity. However, students who don’t yet have a resume are still welcome to participate and review the excellent sample resumes on display.
The Resume Review and Workshop will feature
  • Sue Lin Chong (law, PR, communications, non-profit sector)
  • Colleen Depman Kukowski (FBI/goverment, law)
  • Brianna Panzica (publishing, editing)
The Internship Panel is always a great event. This year, we’re very excited to add the resume review into the mix. Please let your students know that they are welcome to join us for one or both hours of the event. Also: there will be pizza!

Ph.D. in English: Doctor or actor?

1 Apr

Here’s some food for thought (from The Chronicle of Higher Ed): is wanting a Ph.D. in English (and becoming a college professor) more like wanting to be a medical doctor, or a professional actor or athlete?

For the Persistent Ph.D. Impulse, Gentle Dissuasion

For those of you in, been, or considering grad school, how do you see the Ph.D. in English? I vote “actor,” myself …

Resource profile: Baltimore Collegetown Network Internships page

18 Mar

We are in the “high season” for summer internship postings and applications, and for those of you looking for an internship, I just wanted to remind you of the Resources page on this blog. One valuable resource on this page is the Baltimore Collegetown Network, which has a regularly updated list of internships and often has a surprising number of internships that are open to EN and other humanities majors. Here are some of the positions listed just in the past week: Gallery Intern, Social Media and Marketing, advocacy position at World Relief, internship in Marketing, Management, and HR, summer reading program coordinator, festival/events intern … you get the idea. All of these are available to EN majors, though some require specific skills that you may or may not have. Remember that majoring in English qualifies you to do almost anything!

All of these positions will be in the Baltimore area, but if you’re going to be around this summer–or are looking for an internship for the fall– you should definitely take a look!

If you are going to be in a different part of the country, the Resources page has several other databases that list internships and jobs around the country– or around the world. is a good one if you are looking for a job at a nonprofit or if you are interested in social justice issues. The U.S. Government summer jobs list is a good place to look for summer positions, as well.

What resources have you found useful for finding internship/job postings? Send us a comment and we’ll add new resources to our list! –JLC

What people did with their English majors

18 Mar

Interesting article from the Huffington Post discussing career fields for English majors, along with some profiles of former EN majors that might surprise you.

Thanks to Dr. McGlamery for forwarding the link :-)

More internships/jobs at the Maryland Humanities Council

11 Mar
Note: The MHC Office is convenient to Loyola’s campus, in Mt. Vernon. Also, don’t forget that volunteering can provide valuable employment experience. –JLC
Opportunities at MHC
MHC Employment, Internship, and Volunteer Opportunities
Are you looking for an opportunity to contribute to humanities in our state? MHC is seeking:
Apply by March 17.
A part-time communications intern (PAID!) Apply by March 28.
Volunteers for upcoming programs, book festivals, and in-office support.  Fill out an application.

Frog Tutoring is hiring …

25 Feb
Good afternoon!
My name is Lindsey Miller, and I am part of an organization called Frog Tutoring. We are looking to hire tutorsto work with students in the Baltimore area. To learn more information about Frog Tutoring, please visit our website: 
Anyone interested in applying for the tutor position should submit their application and unofficial transcript at our website:
Please see the below list for more information.
Why Work For Frog Tutoring?
         i.      Great Pay
         ii.     Flexibility
                    1.       Tutors will choose which grade levels and subjects to tutor.
                    2.       Tutors will create their own work schedule.
                    3.       Tutors can work as many hours as they like.
         iii.    Driving Compensation 
                    Depending on the distance, tutors will be compensated for driving over a certain mileage.
         iv.    Bonuses
                    Tutors who constantly receive high tutor rankings will be eligible for periodic bonuses.
         v.     Incentives & Acknowledgement – (Hard work does not go unnoticed!!!)
                    Tutor of the month: Every month the Regional Coordinator from each region will submit one tutor to be selected as the tutor of the month.
Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a great day!
Lindsey Miller
Hiring Manager
Frog Tutoring, LLC
817 717 7235

Maryland State Archives summer internships–deadline 3/31/14

12 Feb

Several great (fascinating!) internship opportunities described below–all are in Annapolis, MD. Don’t hesitate to apply for the historical ones, just so long as you are actually interested in the history you will be working on! Also, the conservation and cataloging internships would be great for anyone interested in museum work and librarianship.


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